Peer Review Three!

Hi everyone! For my third and final peer review, I am excited to be reviewing Crystal’s site.

Crystal’s site is a blog of her experiences of being a Canadian Born Chinese (CBC). Her site URL does a good job of representing this. This creates a solid brand that her content can fall into. In a way, people have a clue of what to expect even before clicking on the page. This can play well into a business plan. Having a solid brand means is one step closer to building a successful business.

Monetization wise, I feel like this could definitely be something that Crystal could eventually look and expand into. I feel that the type of content that she produces is the type of content that could quickly create traction online. It’s the type of relatable content that people may send to their friends and family. As Sherrett (2012) notes, “[t]he stories we tell through conversation give people a reason to retell our company story, to talk about our ideas, to share” (para. 3). As her site continues to grow and develop, monetization could definitely be in the cards.

As someone who is also a CBC, I enjoyed her site’s content. I feel that Crystal is off to a great start with the type of posts she is writing. The way that she writes about her experiences feels so real and relatable. As stated by Sherrett (2012), “[s]torytelling is important. It builds understanding, emotional connections and develops relationships” (para. 3). With the posts that I do see on her site, I can see that her ideas are definitely content that would attract viewers and intrigue them into visiting her site. Therefore, it would be great to see more content like that! Expand more on who you are and what you want to do with your site. This, as a result, would create a more compelling brand and business strategy. It would also further incline people to engage in a call to action.

As recommended in the site’s second peer review, it would be great if images were used. Since the theme of the site is more geared towards the use of images, the “no image” can be rather overpowering. I feel that this can make people not actually click into the post since it makes it look like there isn’t content. If images aren’t the route that she may be going, maybe changing the theme into one that isn’t so picture heavy would be better as well. Another recommendation that I would make is to have a clearer home page. It would be great if the “sample page” on the top menu bar would have some more info about the blog and its author. That way readers can have a better understanding of the site and its brand!

Overall, I enjoyed exploring Crystal’s site and am excited about what’s to come! She off to a good start with the brand but I would love to see the business plan as a whole expand even more!


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Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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