Peer Review One

For my first peer review, I have the pleasure of taking a look at Hannah’s site.

At first glance, I totally love the style and aesthetic of the site. It is definitely very visually appealing and attracts one’s creative eye. Although the site has changed a bit since I first viewed it, the set of photos that I initially saw that she put on the home page automatically gave me a sense of what the site is all about. There is also a definite look and style to the site as a result. She clearly shows the look that the brand is trying to achieve. Since it is a interior design site, it’s great that it gives potential clients a glimpse of what they might be looking for.

One main part of the main page is the “who are we?” section. As one of the first things that people see when they visit the site, it is great that it shows what the site is all about. It’s short but also concise and detailed! It gives people what they need to know about the site and brand without having to go too much in depth.

The overall look of the site goes very well with the style of the content as well. I feel that the theme that she picked for her site goes well with the type of content that she is going to post. There is a clear brand that is being presented. It reflects to others what her “self” is. In an article by the chatroom platform Slack (2019), we learn how an “important thing about being a brand is that whenever people see you in the wild, they should recognize that it’s you” (para. 5). Slack’s (2019) previous logo was inconsistent so they rebranded with one that was “more consistent” and “easily recognizable” (para. 9). Therefore, it is important to keep a constant and recognizable image of your brand that people can easily recognize.

Although I really enjoyed exploring Hannah’s site, here are a few suggestions that I would make.

  • Design a logo for your brand! This may help clients recognize your site even more!
  • I noticed that you have an “about” and an “about me”. I would suggest getting rid of one of them so that it’s not so repetitive!
  • Maybe rearrange the order of top menu bar and have your “about me” first!

Overall, I really enjoyed taking a look at Hannah’s site! I love the style and image of her site so far and am excited for what’s to come!


Team, S. (2019, November 25). Say hello, new logo. Retrieved from

Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash

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