2 Body Positive People You Have To Follow

Loving your body and yourself is not an easy task.  Especially when we’re presented with so many “unrealistic” images of what a “perfect body” should be like.  Social media is a crazy thing.  It’s something that most people now have.  A majority of us probably have an Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or even all three. We spend so much time scrolling through feeds and liking photos. At the end of the day it‘s important to remember that social media only shows a glimpse of people’s lives.  Social media makes it so easy to forget that.  

Following accounts that make me inspired and motivated keeps me on going.  It reminds me that being obsessed about how I look 24 hours a day 7 days a weeks is not what life is meant to be like. 

Mik is the founder of Health Undefined, the cofounder of The Rose Retreat, and the creator of HIIT30.  She is also known for #normalizenormalbodies..  You could say that she does a lot!  Her Instagram posts make you feel inspired and motivated.  

The realness that she shares with her followers is like a breath of fresh air.  She’s not afraid to share her real life.  Whether that be posts about recovery, body image, or about her overly adorable dog Blue!  Mik is real with her followers which is what I love! 

Exercise is a tricky topic and her guide gives a unique approach to it.  It’s not just a guide that gives you a list of workouts.  Mik’s guide is aimed at helping you get in the right mindset about fitness.  It teaches you freedom.  I‘ve personally completed her HIIT30 guide and can say that it has truly changed way that I see exercise. 

Mary Jelkovsky

Mary is the founder of The Self-Love Retreats and the writer of The Body Confidence Guide.  Learning to accept and understand your body during recovery is one of the most difficult things about recovery.  She shares her journey from being a bikini competitor to being someone who is all about self-love. 

She has created such an accepting platform and truly speaks from her heart. Her Instagram brims with messages to teach you to love yourself.  Her posts are real and raw.  Mary is so dedicated to helping people find self-love and self-confidence.    

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