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3 People You Need Follow During Recovery

Recovery itself is already an immensely difficult time. Especially if you are feeling like you are alone in it. You probably have so many unanswered questions. Personally, having someone to relate to and be inspired by completely changed my journey and mindset.

Rachel Resnick (Ladle By Ladle)

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My self esteem is my superpower 🦸🏻‍♀️

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Rachel’s videos were so helpful for me during the beginning of my recovery when I just didn’t know what to expect or do. She covers almost everything about recovery. Whether it is about exercise, diet culture, or body image, there is sure to be a video to help with that. Her videos are extremely informative and really get into the nitty-gritty of eating disorder recovery.

Truth is that recovery isn’t as easy as it may seem. There are so many things that came up during my recovery that made me question my progress and motivation.

Mary Jelkovsky (MarysCupOfTea)

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Me casually fighting beauty ideals and diet culture while living my best life in Bali 💁‍♀️ I’m honestly SO sensitive to my environment; if the people around me aren’t supportive, I feel energetically DRAINED, you know what I mean? 😬 That’s why I went to #Bali for a month to have my “Eat, Pray, Love” moment after a devastating breakup.💔 I think everyone needs to go somewhere outside their comfort zone at least once in their life. See the world. Explore different cultures, food, and people. Breathe new air. Adventure. Experience. It’s SO healing!!! I realized 3 things while I was there: 1️⃣ Making a difference is NOT about being perfect, but about connecting with others through your imperfections. 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️ 2️⃣ The more you surround yourself with people who value YOU and don’t give a shit about what you look like in a bikini, the more confident you’ll feel. 🤷‍♀️ 3️⃣ By loving myself, I give others permission to do the same, and that’s a gift in and of itself (make this your new mantra 🙏). . . It’s my mission to make you realize all of the above + more and develop unconditional love for yourself. 🙌 That’s why I’m hosting a transformational #selflove retreat in Bali next June 10-17 where 14 beautiful women will join me in healing food & body-image struggles, creating confidence and cultivating self-love. ♥️ . . ✨ Question for you: What if you simply devoted 2019 to doing things for YOU putting yourself FIRST and loving yourself MORE? . . 👉 There are only 14 spots TOTAL and they’re filling up FAST. The Early Bird discount is only available until December 31st so get all the info & apply through the link in my bio!☺️ . . . . #selflove #selfconfidence #communityovercompetition #bodyimage #confidence #curvyconfidence #loveyourself #balilife #baliliving #selfloveretreat #selfcare

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If you are looking to improve your self-confidence and find self-love, Mary is definitely the right one to follow. Learning to accept and understand your body during recovery is one of the most difficult things about recovery.

She has created such an accepting platform and truly speaks from her heart. Her Instagram brims with messages to teach you to love yourself. Mary is so dedicated to helping people find self-love and self-confidence. This includes her e-book The Body-Image Guide which is all about loving and embracing your body. She will also be hosting a self-love retreat this June 2019 in Bali.

Jen Brett

Watching one of Jen’s What I Eat in A Day videos is honestly a breath of fresh air. She shows how it’s not about counting calories and eating the lowest calorie items. She speaks a lot about overcoming the fear of weight gain and excessive exercise.

Weight gain is a major fear during recovery. Some may feel hesitant to let go of their eating disorder, Her regular body positive Instagram posts show that weight gain isn’t something that you should fear.

Macy Eleni

Macy’s Youtube channel and Instagram are the perfect combinations of recovery and lifestyle as well. She shows the ups and downs of recovery through vlogs on her channel.

During recovery, it is so hard to imagine your life differently. Change is difficult. Therefore it is so motivating to see someone kicking ass in their recovery journey!

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